I photographed in numerous secondary schools in the Netherlands, both in the provinces and the Randstad conurbation for my series School. I consciously avoided photographing in classes and focused instead on places in which pupils relax between lessons and are able to be themselves. During breaks these areas rapidly fill up with dozens of pupils. I depicted these clusters of young people from high vantage points: I placed a camera on a tripod high on a ladder and remained on the ground where I took pictures by remote control at specific moments. These pictures show groups of pupils huddled together and throw contemporary Dutch youth in a completely new light. Interaction between individuals, formation of groups, clothing and hairstyles: everything is captured in a single picture. Apart from providing a unique snapshot of a particular period, the series offers a sociological survey of young Holland in a modern variation on the traditional Dutch militia corps portrait.

The book “School” is published by Nazraeli Press in march 2009

A review by Jeffrey Ladd can be read here:

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Scholengemeenschap Tabor II, Hoorn

Caland Lyceum II, Amsterdam

Assink College I, Eibergen

Damstede I, Amsterdam,

CSG Dingstede, Meppel

Veluws College, Apeldoorn

Linge College, Tiel

Segbroek College II, Den Haag

Caland Lyceum I, Amsterdam

Ashram College II, Alphen aan de Rijn

Grotius College, Delft

Linde College I, Eesveen

Caland Lyceum III, Amsterdam

Marne College, Bolsward

Koning Willem II College, Tilburg

Hervion College I, Den Bosch

Augustinus Lyceum, Amsterdam

Scholengemeenschap Tabor I, Hoorn

Hervion College II, Den Bosch

Segbroek College I, Den Haag