commisioned by Sun Publishers in 2010
More than a quarter of the Dutch housing was built between 1970 and 1985. Most of these houses are part of the so called ” Bloemkoolwijk ” (Cauliflowerdistrict) with it’s characteristic pedestrian priority area. Then, it was the recipe for a pleasant living environment. Nevertheless, these areas never became popular with architects, planners and city-directors.
Cauliflowerdistricts are now on the eve of renewal and maintenance. The book Caulflowerdistricts: anaalysis and perspective is an ateempt to give meaning and shape to it’s future. On behlaf of Bureau Middelkoop and Sun publishers I made a photographic essay in 2010 in addition to the research of the book by Marijn Ubbink and Thijs van der Steeg.