1 km.

commissioned by Vulcano and Altevie.

Raimond Wouda (Holland), Céline Clanet (France), Jan Stradtmann (Germany) photographed playgrounds in the divers Italian Landscape. A contemporary grand-tour in the big cities, in the provincial towns and villages of Italy. The photographic research investigates the public spaces where the playgrounds flourish and how they influence the contemporary Italian Landscape.

IJ Banks



commissioned by Elsevier
The Fens is a polder in England, a coastal area that was impoldered by Cornelis Vermuyden in the Seventeenth Century.

Construction Eye Film Museum

Commissioned by Eye Museum


Commissioned Portraits


Commissioned by the SFU
A document of events in the city of Utrecht.


Commissioned in 2010
Sanquin is a foundation that is responsible for blood supply and blood products in the Netherlands on a not-for-profit basis. Every year they invite a photographer to make a series about it’s foundation. I was asked in 2010 to make a photographic contribution. I have put my focus on the gatherings between the employees themselves and the employees and their working field.


commisioned by Sun Publishers in 2010
More than a quarter of the Dutch housing was built between 1970 and 1985. Most of these houses are part of the so called ” Bloemkoolwijk ” (Cauliflowerdistrict) with it’s characteristic pedestrian priority area. Then, it was the recipe for a pleasant living environment. Nevertheless, these areas never became popular with architects, planners and city-directors.
Cauliflowerdistricts are now on the eve of renewal and maintenance. The book Caulflowerdistricts: anaalysis and perspective is an ateempt to give meaning and shape to it’s future. On behlaf of Bureau Middelkoop and Sun publishers I made a photographic essay in 2010 in addition to the research of the book by Marijn Ubbink and Thijs van der Steeg.

On the Campus

Commissioned by Elsevier in 2008 and 2009.


Commissioned by the city of Haarlem in 2009
The Waarderpolder is one of the oldest business parks in the Netherlands. To celebrate this fact the community of Haarlem produced a book in which past and present time where shown in both text and images.
Frido Troost selected the vintage photographic images and Jaap Scheeren has taken portraits of recent employees of the Waarderpolder. I was asked to make a topographic view of the Waarderpolder. The texts are by Wim de Wagt, Homme Sibenga and Jaap Sluis.


Commissioned by Oog in 2008
Hidden, banned or chained. Behind bars, between walls or underground. For the Dutch magazine Oog I visited seven locations where time stood still.

Space for Music

Commissioned by A10 publishers in 2007
In order to show the functions of the new Muziekgebouw aan het IJ, I was asked to make a series of the building and it’s users for the book ” Space for Music ”