Photography by Raimond Wouda
Publisher: Nazraeli Press, USA 2009
Printed in China
Foreword and edited by Martin Parr
Copies: 1000
ISBN: 978-1-59005-241-9
28,8 cm x 33 cm
60 pages, 35 color pictures

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Photography by Raimond Wouda and Henk Wildschut.
Design by Rene Put
Text by Dirk van Weelden
Production by Frank van der Stok
Publisher: By the Way
Copies: 1000
Distribution by Coen Sligting
ISBN 978-90-808102-3-5
Price € 27,50 ( excl. shipping and handling )

The book was nominated best dutch book designed 2006.


Photography by Henk Wildschut and Raimond Wouda.
Design by Katja van Stiphout
Text by Richard Castle and Tanja Elstgeest.
Publisher: By the Way
Copies: 750
ISBN 90-808102-1-2
Price € 27,- ( excl. shipping and handling )

The book was nominated for the best designed book of the year 2003.


Photography by Raimond Wouda.
text: Miriam Bestebreurtje en Benno van Tilburg
Publisher: Maritiem Jutters Museum, Texel. 1997.
Design: Jacqueline Elich en Gabriëlle van Vilsteren
Printing: Veenman Drukkers, Wageningen
Copies: 1000
ISBN: 90-75318-11-1

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